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Stories by Strangers 


Stories by Stranger is an online support community and safe space for victims of sexual and mental abuse. It allows people to share their stories anonymously and some of them are turned into animations to be viewed by the public, with the aim to start important conversations. The animations are posted on Instagram but are yet to expand to other platforms.  The creator of the Movement received an email in 2020 with the subject line: 'Would you be willing to tell my story?'. She opened the email and read one of the most excruciating stories about a young girl who had been to police stations, family, and friends, yet no one believed that she was not safe at home, or safe from her own father. “You have to tell your story properly,” said Hannah Gatsby, a famous women’s activist, and these victims wanted just that. She decided to open up her email to more people and that grew into an online community which was a safe space. We eventually produced an animation series called ‘what we hear, say and think’ about catcalling, and PTSD.  After that, we opened our inbox to anyone who had something to say but couldn't otherwise. Today we have over 3 million views on Instagram, other platforms, and people want to share their stories from all around the world.

The only aim of this project is to hopefully provide some peace, a conclusion, some help, a voice, or power to the victims. The animations get posted on Instagram!

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