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8-Bit rules Music Video

Created by Nitya Mehrotra This music video is a story about a couple finding their way back to each other. The director worked collaboratively with the musician and created a vibrant landscape for the experimental music.

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'What we' series

Created by Nitya Mehrotra This is a two-part animation series that is part of the Stories by Strangers community. I build an online platform for survivors of sexual abuse where people shared their stories with the intent of sharing them with the world. I decided to culminate their experiences and create these two short films to be posted on various social media platforms. what we hear: An animation where women have tattooed their catcalls or words of abuse as a sign of power. What we think: Based on a submission about a rape victim who says “I kept getting rejected by men for an arranged marriage and my parents tried to hide the fact that I was a rape victim. My boyfriend had broken up with me after it because I was no more a virgin-wife material. I wish there was a way this did not consume my entire identity" Runtime: 4 minutes Viewed by 50,000

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Created by Nitya Mehrotra A short stop-motion film about the alternate origins of adam and eve. Made on Dragonframe.

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Created by Nitya Mehrotra A short 3D film about a group of friends organizing a surprise birthday party for their friend Boo. Made on Maya


Stories by Strangers

Created by Nitya Mehrotra

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